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Welcome to the Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP) website!

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"Neighbors helping Neighbors"

Founded in 2005, the Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP) is a growing number of concerned NE citizens that are willing to help patrol NE neighborhoods and report criminal activities to police via 911 and any other means available.

Why: Because of the rapidly growing NE crime rate and the elements of crime, and the shortage of patrolling police that are able to watch for trouble, and discourage criminal activities. This high growth in crime discourages good people from moving here, adversely affects current decent folks already living here, and lowers the value of our homes. 

Where: The NECP started in the Audubon Park neighborhood and now has patrols and walking groups working in a number of NE's 13 neighborhoods. We are inviting all other NE neighborhoods to form their own patrol groups and work through the NECP. We have a complete program in place so you can just plug in and go.

The Goal of the NECP would be to make NE Minneapolis a "hard target" for thugs, thieves, and juvenile delinquents, and the crimes they commit…and to discourage criminals from staying in NE. We want to make NE a no tolerance zone, where all our residents can again feel safe to go for a walk, or just be outside, and to raise a family.

How it works.

The NECP is extra eyes and ears for the police, to spot criminals, to interrupt criminals in the act, to identify criminals and act as witnesses if needed for their arrest and maximum prosecution. Depending on the circumstances, NECP volunteers will be walking, riding bikes, and/or driving the area.

While on patrol, most NECP volunteers are visually identifiable to both citizens and criminals alike; via elements of clothing bearing the NECP logo. This visual presence in the neighborhoods will let criminals know that there are people actively looking to turn them in.

If you would like to be a NECP walker or walk/patrol leader, please register at our special site for this:

Since slumlords also fuel the growing crime problem in NE Minneapolis, the NECP also makes note of problem properties and the landlords that run them, and reports them on an ongoing basis to the Minneapolis housing inspection departments.  If these property owners still don't change their ways, they can then expect their home phone numbers to be circulated and can then expect many, many calls to "their" home from neighbors of the property until they fix the problem, or sell the property."

The NECP was started on behalf of all NE neighborhoods. As time goes on, and other NE neighborhoods want to also have organized patrols, all the groundwork will be in place, and all volunteers will have a unified look for easy identification.

If you have any questions on the NECP, or would like to have someone from the NECP contact you, please send an e-mail to; info@nepatrol.org or call the NECP at (612) 708-3064. Thank you!

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